Timmer Sealer Technology is a high quality, professional and universal sealant and adhesive based on MSP/Hybride technology. After application the sealant cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable vulcanised rubber seal.

Application Industries

Chalet construction
Container Industry
Food products transport ( ISEGA certified)
Sealing of pumps
Kitchen construction
Marble flooring
Swimming pool repair


Durable, permanent elastic.
Universal bonding-, sealing- and assembling sealant, inside and outside for building- and industry constructions.
Paintable with water based paints, alkyd resin paint can cause curing inhibition of the paint. Test in advance.
No fouling on natural stone.

Fast curing. Wet in wet applicable.
Free of isocyanates, phtalat, solvents and silicone. Shrinkage nil.
Resistant to UV radiation, weather, water, moist and mould.
Very good adhesion on several substrates even damp surfaces without the use of primer, adhesion test is recommended.

Neutral curing, also odourless.
Non corrosive to metals.
High mechanical resistant, strength and E-modulus.
Absorb acoustical and mechanical vibrations.
Non bubbling, sandable and grindable after complete curing.

Application conditions

Application temperature +5°C till +40°C Surfaces must be dry, clean and solid. Clean surfaces with Timmer Cleaner Technology. In general Timmer Sealer Technology adheres perfectly without the use of a primer to various substrates, like glass, glazed surfaces, enamel, anodised aluminium, painted wood and several plastics. Porous surfaces if necessary to be pre-treated with Timmer Primer Technology Adhesion tests prior to the application are recommended. Use Timmer Finisher Technology to smooth the joint.


In good closed original packing, stored on a cool and dry place, between +5°C and +20°C till 12 months after production date. Frost resistant till -15°C during transport.


Timmer Sealer Technology is perfectly paintable with water based paints. We recommend an adhesion and compatibility first. When Timmer Sealer Technology will be painted over (not necessary) we recommend to sand the sealant and junction surfaces by means of Scotch-Brite. For an optimal result we recommend to paint within a few days after application.