Cost saving

Your aim is to achieve a, as high as possible, value for money. The quality of the products you use play an important role. With TST you can achieve the highest quality and save money:

Retains functionality with high temperature changes with reefers and containers
Fungal resistance for food stuff transport
No lost time during application, due to possible application in rain and underwater
Time saving through unique bonding technology
1 year shelf life
Timmer Tools and Technics can also provide you with specialist training for bonding materials. We can share our know how, with your employees. For example, the most effective application of adhesives on all materials, for the highest possible cost and time effectiveness.

Sustainable business

The Timmer Tools and Technics products, can work in your advantage , to help run a sustainable business. You can also contribute to the environment because TST does not contain isocyanates or solvents. And you also have lower costs because you can use 1 product for all of your bonding and filling applications. Less waste is created because repairs with TST are long lasting repairs.

TST is also a pleasurable product to work with (odourless and free of chemicals) for your employees, creating better working conditions and personal wellbeing and health.

Drying and Strength

Timmer Sealer Technology combines the advantages of a tape with that of a reactive adhesive system: During assembly, Timmer Sealer Technology high adhesive strength and high internal strength.

This makes it possible to work without temporary support structures: glued components to be moved directly or futhher processed.

– After drying under the influence of humidity Timmer Sealer Technology vulcanized to a permanently elastic and very strong bonding.


The TST is ISEGA certified. This means that TST can be applied in the food industry etc. also for food stuff transportation.

TST also complies to the ISO 11.600 F2SHM criteria.